DAX Function Reference Guide

This Data Analysis Expression (DAX) function reference guide includes detailed information required to complete formulas and build data models within the Power BI application. 

Dax date and time functions are comparable to those available in Excel but utilize date/time data types.

Filter functions are some of the most useful and commonly used functions in Power BI. Since the software utilizes database logic there is no ability to reference a specific cell and Filter functions must be used.

Financial functions provide the ability to use built in finance formulas.

Information functions use tables or columns as an argument to another function and tells you whether the value matches the expected type.

These functions use similar logical operators as Excel and return values based on an expression.

Functions used to complete math and trig calculation.

Unique functions in Power BI that dont belong to any specific category.

Enable the management of parent/child hierarchies

Used to complete statistical functions, since a specific cell cannot be referenced in Power BI these functions can be used in conjunction with filter functions.

Text functions are used to manage string data types, concatenate and search for values.

Time Intelligence functions are used to perform date logic calculations.