SUMMARIZECOLUMNS Returns a summary table over a set of groups.


SUMMARIZECOLUMNS( groupBy_columnName [, groupBy_columnName ]…, [filterTable]…[, name, expression]…)


GroupBy_columnName – A fully qualified column reference (Table[Column]) to a base table for which the distinct values are included in the returned table. Each groupBy_columnName column is cross-joined (different tables) or auto-existed (same table) with the subsequent specified columns.

FilterTable – A table expression which is added to the filter context of all columns specified as groupBy_columnName arguments. The values present in the filter table are used to filter before cross-join/auto-exist is performed.

Name – A string representing the column name to use for the subsequent expression specified.

Expression – Any DAX expression that returns a single value (not a table).

Return Value

A table which includes combinations of values from the supplied columns, based on the grouping specified. Only rows for which at least one of the supplied expressions return a non-blank value are included in the table returned. If all expressions evaluate to BLANK/NULL for a row, that row is not included in the table returned.

Reference Data

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