XIRR Returns the internal rate of return for a schedule of cash flows that is not necessarily periodic.


XIRR(table, values, dates, [guess])


ShowAllColumn – A column for which to return items with no data for the measures used.

Table – A table containing all items with data (NON EMPTY) for the measures used.

GroupingColumn – A column which is used to group by in the supplied table argument.

isSubtotal_columnName – A Boolean column in the supplied table argument which contains ISSUBTOTAL values for the corresponding groupingColumn column.

FilterTable – A table representing filters to include in the logic for determining whether to add specific combinations of items with no data. Used to avoid having ADDMISSINGITEMS add in item combinations which are not present because they were removed by a filter.

Return Value

Internal rate of return for the given inputs. If the calculation fails to return a valid result, an error is returned.

Reference Data


DAX Functions / Financial Functions / XIRR